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Herend Large Tiger (Assorted Colors)

Herend porcelain from Hungary, handmade and handpainted with 24K gold accents. (17.75"L X 6"H)

  Product Name Price Quantity
fpo Large Tiger Natural
Item #: MCD5209000
Catalog HotKey: E1078

fpo Large Tiger Rust
Item #: VH5209000
Catalog HotKey: B1222

fpo Large Tiger Blue
Item #: VHB5209000
Catalog HotKey: B1224

fpo Large Tiger Butterscotch
Item #: VHJM5209000
Catalog HotKey: B1226

fpo Large Tiger Black
Item #: VHNM5209000
Catalog HotKey: B1227

fpo Large Tiger Raspberry
Item #: VHP5209000
Catalog HotKey: B1225

fpo Large Tiger Green
Item #: VHV5209000
Catalog HotKey: B1223

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