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Herend Chinoiserie had no parallel in 19th century porcelain and it is this creative period which gave rise to the shape of this elaborate water pitcher with a stylized Chinese water dragon handle. It would take until the 21st century before it was paired with the elaborate Jiangxi pattern. The result is both an homage on the part of Herend artists to their brothers in the East as well as a bit of a competitive tweak. For while the Jiangxi pattern was inspired by the Far East, it was designed by Herend artists who deliberately endowed it with a significant name. Jiangxi is a province in China that houses the city of Jingdezhen otherwise known as the Capital of Porcelain. It takes 2 painters a combined total of 65 hours to create this masterpiece. (13.5"H)
Item #: JIANGX07595-0-22