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Herend Peace Dove (Assorted Colors)

This is the thirteenth in Herend’s “Kingdom Classic” collection of porcelain figurines, handmade and handpainted in Hungary in a limited edition. (12” x 5” x 5 ¾”h)

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fpo Peace Dove Rust
Item #: VH15713-0-00
Catalog HotKey: AA285

fpo Peace Dove Green
Item #: VHV15713-0-00
Catalog HotKey: AA286

fpo Peace Dove Blue
Item #: VHB15713-0-00
Catalog HotKey: AA287

fpo Peace Dove Butterscotch
Item #: VHJM15713-0-00
Catalog HotKey: AA288

fpo Peace Dove Black
Item #: VHNM15713-0-00
Catalog HotKey: AA289

fpo Peace Dove Platinum
Item #: SVPTVH15713-0-00

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