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How To: Cleaning Silver

Next to gold, silver is one of the most precious metals on earth. Coins, jewelry, even your phone, all contain silver. And that is because it is not only a beautiful element, prized for its reflective luster and rarity, but also an incredibly useful one (just ask the Ancient Egyptians who prized silver over gold). From its antibacterial properties to its utility in flatware, silver has proved to be immensely important in our daily lives. And just as with every other important thing in our lives, it needs to be properly maintained.

Silver begins to tarnish as soon as it is exposed to air, but you likely will not notice until at least a few months later when it first dulls then discolors. The key to cleaning silver is to avoid abrasion. You never want to use chlorine bleach or scrub with carbon fiber cloths as these will permanently damage your pieces­­­—always use a microfiber cloth or one specially made for silver. And never, under any circumstances, put your silverware in the dishwasher.

One timeworn method of cleaning and removing tarnish is a simple classic: dish soap and water. Just dip your cloth in a bit of water mixed with dish soap and rub the piece of silver. When done, dry with a cloth and your silver should look brand new.

If you have pieces that look like they have spent several years in a post-apocalyptic Dust Bowl, though, the following method is perfect for removing that heavy tarnish in just a few minutes:

  1. Grab a bowl and line it with aluminum foil
  2. Fill the bowl with boiling water and baking soda (one tablespoon of baking soda for every one cup of water)
  3. Add the silver to the solution, ensuring that it is touching the aluminum foil
  4. Allow it to sit from 2-10 minutes
  5. Remove and buff with a microfiber cloth.

Scully and Scully’s silver is handmade to perfection, but that does not mean it will not need some love and care occasionally. Decorate your table with our gleaming Royal Danish Sterling Silver Flatware and when the time comes, simply use one of the methods described above to keep the set gleaming on your tabletop. Or if you are looking for a home for your cards, look no further than our Sterling Silver Card Holder which, when dulling, will only require a wipe-down with dish soap and water before looking brand new once more.

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