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Suddenly, the garden was devoid of any melodic tunes. A serious tone had overtaken the usually noisy expanse as word spread quickly that the Baroness de Rothschild was missing her pearl necklace. Ignorant of the disturbance, two songbirds are chattering away excitedly about their recent discovery. Once they realize who the rightful owner is, the songbirds will do the honorable thing because they proudly demonstrate their loyalty to the Rothschild household by the dramatically painted pattern on their wings. Their blue, green and brown fish scales have become intertwined with the Rothschild name and story. For the first time, the Rothschild Bird pattern has been rendered in sculptural form. Offering a stylized depiction of the birds, this lovely figurine brings to life the story including the tree that anchors all 12 Rothschild Bird motifs, the colorful buzzing insects as well as the famous pearl necklace. Limited Edition 250. (5"L X 6.5"H)

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