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A strong north wind blows in Herend today and the locals say this means cold weather is coming. While modern technology may end up providing a different weather report, the rooster is merely doing what he has been doing since the 9th century AD when a papal edict stipulated that each church must be adorned by a cockerel. Since many church steeples already featured a weather vane, it was a natural step for the rooster to become the default weather vane motif. While his traditional copper coloration is nothing new for a weather vane, it is the first time a Herend figurine has been painted in this fishnet color (with additional drama provided by the new blue, sapphire, on the wings, tail-feathers and base). However, contrary to his brethren in the field, the patina of Herend’s weather vane will never change with oxidation and his heart remains forever porcelain. Limited edition size of 100. 7 ¾" x 4 ½" x 13 ½"h.

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