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Entirely handmade by one family in Germany since 1796, each piece is handcast in slate engraved molds, then handpainted. Measures 4 ½" w x 6" h.

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Old Saybrook, CT
From Connecticut to Maryland
December 15, 2015
I have this piece of pewter, along with several others...all of which I love. The detail on these tiny works of art is so wonderful...I am hoping that if the recipient does not have other pieces in this collection, she (they) will be inspired to collect same.
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Willow Grove, Pa
Pewter Christmas ornaments
October 23, 2015
These Pewter Christmas Ornaments are truly unique. They are from Germany and are made by a family business there that goes back to the 1700’s. Among Christmas ornaments these items are very special because they are almost out of the league of what one would normally consider to be a modern day Christmas Ornament. They are formed in hand engraved slate molds. If you look very closely, you can actually SEE some of the natural slate patterns in some of the surfaces. This demonstrates a remarkable art form whereby something beautiful and artistic is blended with something natural! In a world where items are turned out wholesale and unimaginatively, these pewter ornaments are truly in a class by themselves. The detail, considering the difficulty of carving into slate, (which crumbles and separates easily) is remarkable and precise. Some details are so fine as to replicate a lace-like appearance. The items are beautifully painted also. Exacting artistry has been put into each of these items. Though “flat”, two-dimensional objects, the reverse faithfully matches the front of each item but yet is unique in that each side reflects a true perspective of what one might expect to see on the other side. The painting is not just a reverse image of the front but each side reflects perspective details one might expect to see in viewing a three dimensional object. Please keep in mind that the two sided painting is found on the standing versions of the ornaments. I understand that certain wall mounted items are not painted on the reverse side. This tree however is beautifully painted on both sides. The ornaments are all dated with a year which reflects the year that particular mold was created. This is fascinating because you gain a bit of an historical perspective for the item. (Not to mislead, the dates are all modern even though the company goes back to the 1700’s) They come in a beautiful, sturdy gift box which is excellent for storage or presentation as a gift. These ornaments truly have the capability of becoming treasured heirlooms for a family due to their beauty, craftsmanship and uniqueness. The world has seen countless, flat, two dimensional standing ornaments over the years but these ornaments are in a class by themselves and will delight anybody who appreciates and loves traditional Christmas topics as presented in them. If you like this kind of thing, I believe you will be delighted with them either for your own display or to give as a gift. One cautionary thing: These ARE ornaments and delicate. They are NOT appropriate to give to small children.
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